Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!!

Above is an image from a real live coffee chat I enjoyed with my two girl friends to celebrate my birthday.  A good time - not to mention a delicious lemon poppy-seed loaf was enjoyed by all.

I am glad I thought to snap a photo, much to the disapproving frown of the elderly lady across the cafe, so that I could return to using my own photos for the chat post.  Something I have missed of late and feel truly slacking.    So see there Judging Older Person with your Judgy Eyes - I was living up to a goal I had set for myself which is entirely responsible and good!

I digress.

It was a long weekend here in Canada, thus it was cold and rainy the entire weekend.  After having weather in the 30s all week.
Because of course.
So no new photos to show you how we lounged around the house and watched movies and played Xbox.  (Well, mama wrote while others did -- but I was there!)
I'm sure you're disappointed greatly.   😏

Anyway, I am getting back into the swing of blogging again, although I will probably be absent this week because I will be sorting through that 200 plus blogroll of all your April posts.  And high on caffeine.

So if my comments are a little cray cray, forgive me.

Since I cannot think of a half decent segue today, let's just get to the chat topic.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

What song reflects your mood right now?

Oh that's an easy one for me!!

Mostly because I have been in writing mode for a few hours daily and I have a playlist that I often listen to for inspiration.   Since the latest story is a LOVE story, I do apologize for the extreme lovey dovely sappiness that is about to come your way.

If the audio file doesn't appear for you, you can Find The Song Here (How Long Will I Love You - Cover) 

I find having some sappy angst music can really help inspire your writing, and this song in particular just seemed to fit the two characters.   There is so much trauma in his past, how can he accept a love from such a source of light as her?  How could she possibly love him if she glimpsed the real him?    Hell... how do you WRITE that?

Pick a song and pick up your quill and just let it go!


STILL WATERS (excerpt from fiction based on Taboo - TV/2017)

Three days they remained in the cabin exploring and discovering one another in this new way. Though James would sneak out while she slept, returning with food and wine; not a soul aboard daring to knock upon their door after that first day. Finally having the full knowledge and security of her love surrounding him, his dark past began to unravel. His heart in his hands when he spoke of the horrors he had done. Terrible acts for which there will be no redemption. Breaking down within her arms, wracked with guilt and pain over the blood he can never wash from his hands. Every moment wondering if this is the one where she will turn from him and flee his darkness. This irredeemable soul of his now caught and bound with her own. But she never does. No lies pass her lips, but above all she never lets him forget the tender years that came before the terrible trauma. That once upon a time -- he was whole. Her strength allows her to absorb it all and still walk in love. It was a mystery to him how she just took it all in, every sin and crime, and returned it back to him – molded into something new. After so many years of carrying this pain as his most trusted companion and guilt his bedfellow, it was this truth that finally set him free. That was what her love allowed, and what it freely gave; the gift of his true self. A wholeness of spirit and unfettered heart that he had forgotten. And now he wasn’t afraid to pick it back up again and carry it forward. 

A woman searching for a home, a man trying to find his way home, and somehow they met at the crossroads. Or maybe that Delaney madness held a little magic after all. Either way, it was a meeting perfectly timed to ensure two lonely hearts were perfectly tuned to one another. With a deep exhale surrendered, he cast his tortured thoughts upon the sea and the brokenness that had bound him began to loosen. Pain no longer a humming in the recess of his mind. Stained fingers traced the ink whorl that branded her his talisman, while he inhaled the bright promise of tomorrow. He slept the deep sleep of the unburdened; their breath mingling upon the soft pillows. Beyond the darkened windows the ship cruised upon the eternal tides and the evening star faded away.


Often she was unaware of how her fingers traced the inked markings upon his arms and chest. Though James definitely took notice when they were want to drift downward to the ones that encircled his thighs. The habit had become so frequent as they lay next to one another, she could probably trace each mark unerring with her eyes closed. Fingers automatically moving even while she drifted into slumber. She didn’t even know why they fascinated her so, except that they were a part of him. Each time she could feel the release from within as her fingertips passed softly over the firm skin. As though she cut each mark open and all the poison leaked out in a great oozing black void of pain; surrendering a little more of his numbness with each cutting. She imagined she could leach this poison from inside a hundred times, but with James there would always be more. While the world met the eyes of the dangerous man, she knew the depths of the well where he hid the guilt and hurt and shame and regret. In the quiet moments between sleep and awake, her hands reached for him and her fingers traced, and she had to believe that these years of kindness would one day over shadow the ones of cruelty. Comfort would over-rule scorn. This is what she believed in, these pure moments of tender care where she could pour out her love upon his scars. There was no magic cure; true healing took time. Lorna was patient.

It used to be the floating sensation of water that held James deep in the recesses of sleep. As long as he could hold the awareness of drifting upon the surface with the warmth of the sun on his back and the cool deep below, he would remain asleep. Never lulled too deep; one part of his mind always alert and firing pulses. As soon as anything threatened that sense of calm, like cold clawing hands or the singing of the dead, he would be brought to the surface abruptly. Waking up rarely a gentle thing. Now it was the sense of warmth beside him that kept him deep in slumber. How it wrapped around his limbs, cradling him in softness. Often the gentle touch that traced all the tension and stress from his body, replacing it with a soothing tenderness that leaked into his bones and lingered during the day, lending a lightness to his steps. He pulled that warmth closer; felt it cover him like a blanket knitted solely for his form. Shielding all his lines and curves; the sad hollows and the brittle points that made up the burdened jointed walk of his life. His knotted thoughts unraveling while he slept. Once he believed if his thoughts were visible, they would be revealed as chaotic turns and twists of light never converging to a single point. Now he thought it might just be possible that he could learn to spin them into a dance that both celebrated and protected what it was he held dearest. 

The light touch finally registering his brain to wakefulness, James eyes blinked slowly open. A slight tilt of his head and he half expected to find her quietly watching him sleep; but her eyes were closed. The faint brush of her fingertips dancing over his skin, a simple touch that reached deep; his muscles sagging as they loosed their aching burdens. The irony of someone such as he who had courted touch avoidance for so long, to love one so compelled to touch, that she reached for him in her sleep. He couldn’t surrender to another. Allow such dreamlike ministrations that wove the connective web between them even tighter. Sometimes, he can feel the fear rising in his chest, threatening to take over. It wants to protect him from a danger, but he knows now none exists.   Not with her.

Just in case you thought I was sitting home idle instead of reading all your blog posts, proof of my very busy quill!

That's the power of music and words.  Transporting us to other worlds full of emotions we dare not explore here in our rightly ordered busy reality.   Sweeping away all the boring dust that has settled while our minds are busing sorting laundry, making grocery lists and balancing our chequing account.    Just like that we are smack dab in the middle of a great story singing of the virtue and power of a love so powerful it crossed an ocean just to find a home.

How long will I love words and music?
As long as I can.
And longer if I may.

Got a tune that helps you get through the daily dust of life?

Next Week:  Get something off your chest.   No, don't throw your bra at me: unless it's after 7 pm and you're home for the evening, because Yes!

PS! >  For those having any trouble with my site (curse this commenting system too!!), I am currently pondering a change - in fact I did create a WordPress blog site today, reserving my InkInterrupted name!   I don't know exactly how and when all the changes will be activated -- just know I appreciate everyone's patience while non-tech me figures it all out.  😀

We finally broke the twenties today in weather today!!
This is huge - for Canada anyway.
I think by the end of the day we were actually over 30 C.  (86 degrees in American)


What's a girl with freshly painted toes to do?

Buy new shoes!!

And I got a great discount as well. 

My toes feel soooo free!
And less stinky after being in boots for 6 months.

Totally meant to match with my polish, because of course.
Good morning and welcome to coffee chat!!

Image source

I survived the camp!!  Woot.
And thus closes another season of Girl Guides -- which hopefully now leaves me more time to open that "Blogs To Read" file I have saved in my email.

Current tally:  222

I'm gonna need a ginormous batch of coffee.
And a comfy place to sit.  Which rather leads nicely to our topic today.

Because while my coffee ain't green, my backyard coveting definitely comes in various shades of envy.

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 16, 2017
I'm not jealous!   
What gets you turning green?

I don't get truly jealous.
I am quite happy with my gifts and talents and I can continue working on the size of my behind (thanks for all the birthday chocolate folks!  ugh).   My motto has always been comparison is the thief of Joy. 
And that is one thing I cannot allow anyone to steal.

We should all stand proud and be who we are!

Now, that is not to say that I am not envious at times.
Like every single time I watch one of Claudia's drawing videos and she makes it look so darn easy??! 
Why can't I do that?   Why is her dot an actual dot .... and I get a blob!??
Drawing, or painting is one thing I really wish I could do.

At the end of the day though, I am thrilled to be a Word Wrangler.   Nothing pleases me more than one someone enjoys a story I have written.   Especially if they comment that they can SEE the story in their mind -- the action unfolding like a movie.  In fact, it should be a movie!!
Call me Steven Spielberg!  Christopher Nolan!   Anyone??

At this time of year, I suffer from a very serious case of Backyard Envy.
It's a thing y'all.

Here in Canada, we only get maybe four good months of lovely outdoor time.   Meaning you can wear one layer of clothing for most of the day.
Thus, we really want to take advantage of that time and Get Out!!
And it is really nice to have a great space to do Get Out Into.

Which I don't.  Not really.   My gardens make it enjoyable, but it's smack dab in the middle of a suburban subdivision - even though a cow field is across the highway behind us - and that means too many people.  And noise.   And cows.

 My Garden, My Happy Place

I also have a very bad habit of being a Backyard Peeper.
Also a thing.

Seriously, I'm gonna get arrested one day because I can't stop peeking into someone's yard and see what kind of set up they have.
Jacuzzi or pool?
All??!!!   Hello new friend!

I would love a firepit.   There is nothing better than ending a summer day with a bonfire.  I could sit forever.

Some fine examples I found courtesy of Google.

The Ultimate Bonfire Pit!

Image Source

Ultimate Outdoor Kitchen

Image Source

Having It All

Honestly, who lives like this? 
Pool. Hot tub. Outdoor kitchen. Firepit.
Oh and a big ass house you don't even really need to enter.
I'd seriously just pitch a tent on their lawn and live happily ever after.

My needs are not quite so grand.
Just a cozy place to have my coffee.   A little shelter from the sun, or rain.   A place to indulge my only green thing:  my thumb.

My dream:

A place in the shade to relax.
A place to dine.
A place to roast marshmallows.
Lots of gardening potential and a water feature instead of a pool. 
(because pools are too much work when you can only swim 2-3 months out of the year.)

Now, if someone could come build this for me, that would be swell.

Oi, it's not easy being green, that's for sure. 

Next Week:  What song reflects your mood right now?

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