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Good morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!


I love that coffee gif.
Because, obviously... Coffee!

But also, if you watch the show Parks and Recreation (I have only seen a few myself), you would know that character is named Leslie.      So, Leslie loves good coffee.

Seems appropriate.
(Also, for those of you who thought "Rory" was my real name... um... Surprise!)
Rorybore is just my online alias... because I am married to Captain Canada.  Really.

My coffee is a Double Double.    That's two cream, two sugar.
So you know what's in my cup..... but what about My Name?

Time out for Mom

What does your name mean?
If  you go by an alias, why did you choose 
that particular moniker?

I mean, aside from the fact that my name is typically listed as a BOY name; as it is not spelled like the female version of "Lesley."    Thanks mom.

However, you will soon see, it's a nod to my Celtic roots.
Celtic: "From the grey fort"  sounds dumb you say... a bit of research has revealed to me that "from the grey fort" is translated to "from out of the darkness"
 also, perhaps originally Gaelic name, leas celyn "holly-garden"

Clan Leslie (click to read more) was a Scottish clan from the lowlands of Scotland.   Their motto was "Grip Fast."

Garden certainly seems fitting for me.
As for out of the darkness, my spirituality/faith is also no secret.   I certainly hold fast to it.

But I know what you really want to see, so here's me castle:

Leslie Castle, Geograph.jpg
"Leslie Castle, Geograph" by Colin Smith - Geograph project. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.

Noun: A person who cares so much about others, he or she is always willing to give love and support that is completely unconditional. This type of individual serves as a huge support system especially, in a small, provincial town.
Is a very nice person who everyone loves . Always has best hair . She is very beautiful . Many girls envy her because of all the boyfriends she gets , and because of how pretty she is in all ways . Has a great personality , never gives up on goals . Doesn't care about what people think about her . Never holds grudges on people . She can be shy but once you get to know her you will love her ! Many girls wish they looked liker her . She usually has long hair . Loves animals , and to read . She goes through a lot in her life but she never lets her problems get to her or ruin her day or life . Cares for her friends a lot .  She is very funny too .

Holy!   I live in a town of about 8,000 people.
I definitely love BIG.    And loyalty is very important to me too. 
As for the rest?    Awww, shucks.

Adjective: A type of person that all women want to be like and men crave sexually, even when she or he is being loyal to his/her current lover.
That last one.   I. Can't. Even.

What I find interesting, is that I am also a Taurus, and here's that profile:
Much like the mighty bull that symbolizes this astrological sign, individuals born under the sign of Taurus exhibit a rare patience, discipline, deep underlying strength and steadfast persistence. A Taurean is typically trustworthy, reliable and very protective of those they love.
People with a sun sign of Taurus are typically very social and exhibit a strong sense of commitment to their friends. Loyalty between friends, business partners and romantic interests is something that Taurus individuals exhibit and expect in return. Taureans typically go through phases of being extremely extroverted, followed by waves of being introverted and philosophical. Creativity often runs strongly in Taurean blood.

Truthfully, I don't put complete faith in such things to determine Who You Are, but it is absolutely fascinating that both my name, and my astrological sign seem to describe me quite well.

Perhaps there is a little something to it after all.

What's in your name?

Next Week:   Today is ZooZoo's 5th Birthday and for her party she asked for a Costume Ball.  If you were invited to such a party, what costume would you wear?   I thought this would be fun given Halloween is also so close. 

About The Author
Leslie Botchar, aka "RoryBore", is a SAHM enjoying life one day - and one cup of coffee - at at time.
She has had several articles published in The Huffington Post, and hopes to one day marry her skills as Word Wrangler and Photo Ninja. Leslie spills it all on her blog Time Out For Mom, and invites you to join her for some Mom "Me" Time.
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Can memory really build a lane way?
 I think that's something that we all can explore, and I found a new meme by one of my favourite Coffee Chatters to help me start the journey.

Judy over at Retired not Tired has started Memory Monday, where each week she will provide us with a prompt to help assist and encourage us towards writing and/or sharing our memoirs.

 I think this is such a great idea!    We all need to look to the past, to determine our future direction every now and then.   And what are memories, if not to be preserved?

This weeks' prompt is First School.

The very first school I attended, as a Kindergarten child age 5, was Prince of Wales Public School in Brockville, Ontario.    I have discovered that they even now have a Facebook page!

Look at the big old building!
I suppose I would not have appreciated the architecture back then.    I no doubt was more concerned with what kinds of playground structures, swings and sport equipment were available in the yard at recess.

I don't remember much else about the school; I only attended to Grade 4, at which point we moved away.   I do remember recesses; and a particular young man who shall remain nameless that used to beat me up every day.
I mean literally, beat me up.   I recall very clearly the day I was hanging from the top of the climbing structure, and .... oh, let's call him Robbie Rotten... came over and punched me in the stomach.  HARD.

I didn't cry.  I immediately pinned him to the ground and punched him in the nose.

Those days, we had a local police office who walked this beat, as the school was located to a downtown area, and he happened along just in time to pull me off that rotten boy.
I hope you thanked  Officer "Uncle" Andy a LOT you silly boy!

I only remember one teacher from my young days at POW.     A male teacher, and I am pretty sure I loved him.   He seemed very nice and was very smart.     And he also gave a very stern lecture to one Robbie Rotten that day.    He was my first hero.

I remember wondering what it would be like if he was my dad -- because my dad was gone at that point.   And not worth remembering quite frankly.    He knew my personal situation and I think was always extra nice to me.    He even stopped my dad from entering the school one day to take me out.
I am quite sure dad was quite drunk at the time.

I guess Mr "C" set the standard for my future fangirl love of super heroes.

I suppose these don't sound like very nice memories.    Overall I remember my time here as very nice and very fun with my circle of friends.    I would walk to the school with the older kids who also attended the day care just up the street.  We were a very tight unit.   If you messed with one of us: you messed with all of us!

I remember the dares to cross the railway tracks that ran along side the school property.  There was a small bridge over water at one point - not very long of course -- and we all took the dare to run that bridge when the whistle sounded.   Not very smart; but a rite of passage where I grew up. 

I am sure the tracks look like this by now:

 photo AbandonnedTracks.jpg

I suppose that is the way of it.  I remember not so much the place, but the people.   The relationships I formed back then were the earliest ones of my young life, and I am so lucky and blessed that they were all positive.   Even Rotten Robbie eventually became a friend once he was taught proper manners!

I was crushed when we moved.  I missed them all dearly.
But I remember one day, sitting in my dorm room at Western University in London, doing homework having drinks with other residents -- people coming and going through out the night.   And I heard someone call my name.

I knew her in an instant.
Even though I had not seen her in about 12 years: her smiling face was still the freckle nosed one I remember from countless sleepovers.   Her laugh the same girlish giggle.

In no time at all we were reminiscing about school days, figure skating, tap dance lessons, and summer pool parties.

And just like that, years and many miles later, a lane way was built.

Do you remember your first school?

About The Author
Leslie Botchar, aka "RoryBore", is a SAHM enjoying life one day - and one cup of coffee - at at time.
She has had several articles published in The Huffington Post, and hopes to one day marry her skills as Word Wrangler and Photo Ninja. Leslie spills it all on her blog Time Out For Mom, and invites you to join her for some Mom "Me" Time.
Connect with her: Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram.

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