Whew! Done and Done!
 The party is over.    Will sum up:  they came, they rescued the princess, freed Han Solo, destroyed the Death Star, defeated Darth Vader, found Yoda (and their loot), ate cake,  opened presents, played DS, left.    Pretty much all ya need to know right?   LOL

For those who have young boys with Star Wars in their eyes:  I will do another post, probably very heavy on the photos, to show how I may have just pulled off the birthday party of the year.   For now, just a couple of pics.

moms' party essentials
what the kids care about
The Jedi Training Tasks
Why so much detail you ask?   I had 9 boys in my house, aged 5-8, plus my 2 girls.  For 3 hours.  Do you need to ask the question again? 

So this Monday finds me playing catch up.  On cleaning.   On laundry.  On returning overdue books to the library, because I couldn't figure out how to renew them online late Saturday night when I realized they were due back that day.   After I had completed all my reading and craft prep work for Sunday School because I remembered I was teaching Sunday morning.    And or course, most guilty, no blog reading done this weekend.  Barely even my own.   I have posts in various stages, awards to accept and pass along, my own chat, a poem to write..........   I need another coffee before I continue.   Perhaps an expresso.

Oh, did I mention I am also looking after a friend's little girl one day a week too?   As well as possible triplet boys before and after school a couple of days a week?   Yep.  pile it on.  I can take it.    Or rather, I will have to take it, because Christmas is coming and we could use the extra money.   And something Left Brain is mumbling about van brakes.    That's probably important.

So in writing this post today, I was naturally thinking about all the work I have on my plate.  No doubt you are tired just reading it.  sorry 'bout that.   I have tried to with-hold the whining.   And it got me thinking about Monkey Boy this morning, after an amazing birthday weekend -- groaning about going off to school and the work ahead.   There will be more grumbling when he returns home and I tell him "homework before DS!"     But I can't be too hard on him.......I have to also catch up on my own homework from my Ladies Bible Study before Thursday's meeting.    Sounds like a pretty good thing to chat about over coffee, non?

Coffee Chat Sneak Peek

Homework!  A neccessary evil we all must endure?  Would you rather have the evenings free to just "be" with your children?  Too much, too little?  Share your thoughts.

 Have a great week everyone!
Here's to hoping Friday finds us ALL - caught up.
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