The sun has been a real show off around here lately.
 Oh yes, it's getting hot in here -- finally.   And I've got the tan lines to prove it (although that isn't necessarily a good thing - lather up folks!)

 My slacking off in bloggy land may have a little something to do with laying back to grass and cloud gazing with my kids.   Truth.

I should probably get up and go check the twit  put that load of laundry in the dryer, make lunch or sweep the floor.  Again.   But...

I wanna lay like this forever
until the sky falls down on me

But that's not really my quote.    That's just a sappy song I thought you all might like to have stuck in your head for the rest of the day.    You're welcome!

I've been up to something else around here.  It's quite time consuming and back breaking.....but feels so good when you're finished.  Even though I am all hot and sweaty and dirty and with an ache in my thighs....

Whoa le!   

Simmer down folks.    There's a perfectly good.....and clean explanation.

Allow me to show my work:
(click to enlarge)

the Grande Dame Poppy returns!

Holy Phlox!   Love this colour
and this one is hard to forget too  - Hardy Har Har

forget me nots

Bleeding heart, bee balm and hosta


up close and lovely

no idea what is peeking thru neighbour's fence...but luvs

Just living is not enough.
One must have sunshine, freedom......and a little flower.
- Hans Christian Anderson

Back in the dirt and loving every minute of it!
Stay Tuned - Garden Page will be updated in near future!

UPDATE:    Special thanks to my cuz Paul over in The Ossington Kitchen
for bestowing the following Sexalicious Award on my pretty little garden!
(and once Linky Tools stops messin round with all our blogs - I will pass it on!  So get out there and grow something you dirty, sexy thangs!)


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