If you dropped by this weekend, you know I chatted about some new changes around here. 

 Most notably, Coffee Chat returns this Tuesday with the following:

"In the coming year, I would like to....."
Complete the above statement as you will. 

But for the most part 2013 will continue here at Time Out with pretty much the same old-same old.      If it ain't broke - don't fix it - right?

Next week I am calling the topic: 10 THINGS YOU HAVE NO INTENTION OF CHANGING IN 2013. Let us do an antidote to this mad New Year’s resolutions pressure shall we?

Here are 10 Things Unlikely to Change in 2013

1.  Much like chocolate and peanut butter, "Ouch" and "Lego" will pretty much be inseparable.

2.  Coffee.   Unless you mean "More", in which case:  2013 = Best Year Ever!

3.  At some point each day, I will be heard to exclaim:  "THAT doesn't go there!"

Exhibit A:  One bite was all it took....

Exhibit B:  .....the hell?
4.  Lost Things.  I WILL find them.

5.  Sex.   Wait...what?
     Oh, yes - I will still be Female.
     Unless of course you mean "more", in which case Left Brain declares 2013 - Best.Year.Ever

6.  It is more than likely I'll continue to be haunted by One Harry and perhaps a little too wild about another hot ginger on a horse.

7.   But it is completely conceivable that One Heck of a Voice (and some rather nice biceps) may just trump the ability to ride.

A little change couldn't hurt, right?  Flexibility is a good trait.   Yes, that.

8.   Stuff will happen.   I will write about it.   You'll laugh, sing or cry.    It will be Epic! 
      Meh. Sorta

9.   Lists.   Yeah.....there will be a few  ;)

10.   It is important to note, no matter the wild or riding Harry's, and yes - even gruff, yet soft and smooth voiced singing superheroes that may entertain this brain from time to time:   The Heart.....was, is, and always will be, firmly on the Left.

I say again, Real Men Ride :)

What won't you be changing this year?