Good Morning and Happy New Year!!
I hope that everyone had wonderful, relaxing, merry and joyful Holidays.

Welcome to the first Coffee Chat of 2015.  If you need a little something stronger in your cup this morning, I won't judge.

I am having a super morning, thus:

Yesterday was a bit of a downer due to the wet disaster in my second bathroom and laundry room.   However, after discussing the renovation with the plumber, I am actually now feeling a bit excited because we will renovate the space to be more functional. 

Oh sure, it will still cost us our weekend away, but as for that, we do have enough Air Miles for a free night in a hotel; and I'll take it and be grateful.   I've always hated the design of my laundry room - the hand washing tub is in a completely different room (wtf?!) - and now he will put it all together in a new space.   I will even have room for some shelves and a folding table!

So, I guess things sometimes happen for a reason -- you just have to adjust your perspective to see the silver lining sometimes.

If I can practice gratitude on a daily basis in the coming year; I think this will become a habit that can stick!

Time out for <br><br>Mom

One thing I would like to accomplish in 2015 is ___________________.
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One thing I would like to accomplish in 2015 is  ______ ?

I am not really one to make resolutions.     I guess you could say I am the "Non Resolution" sorta gal.
Clearly, I would like to continue to grow, learn and evolve as a person:  which includes body, mind and soul. 

Thus the usual things such as eat well, exercise, read more and just become a better person are standard goals in my life.   Always.  

As a recent poetic post mentioned, I want more of my original writings in this space.   More of my personal thoughts and intellectual wanderings, if you will.   I started last year off fairly well with my Thoughts on a Train Series; but I rather fizzled out, and I don't believe I have even posted the last part yet.

So unacceptable.

I love participating in memes/blog hops, as it's a great way to meet new bloggers, connect with your existing community, and challenge yourself creatively.   However, I think I have come to rely on them too much.   They have become the standard, and while I don't want to completely bid them adieu, I do think I need to focus more on getting some original works and more thoughtful writing here.    Save the memes and hops for those times when I don't have something new to post.

Except for this chat: THIS I absolutely do plan to continue because it's a way for me to get to know YOU.   To see your thoughts, opinions, goals and personalities revealed.   And THAT is one of the most beautiful things about blogging.     I definitely do not want to lose that connection.

Now don't worry, it won't always be poetry, as much as I do love that art medium.    Awhile back I posted a One Shot of a story in a Pondering Post, that I have outlined in my head.   I have written a Part Two to that romance mystery, so look for that coming soon!

For today though:  another poem that was originally posted on my Tumblr.

lull me to sleep
so in a dream I shall feel
with a vacant eye towards
the blue silence of night
shining in the soft corners
of this nest where we lay
and I, trembling to feel
the smile on your beautiful lips
your brow smooth and sweet
in a moonlight caress
as you slowly turn -
I melt into you
under the light of
a lover’s moon.

night lovers full moon pictures, backgrounds and images

A nice romantic piece that came to me while camping in a tent under the stars - of all things - and sharing an air mattress with Left Brain, while our 3 kids slumbered deeply around us.   

Inspiration truly does come in the most inopportune of places sometimes.  ;)

On the organizational side:  I am going to clean up my Page sub headings.  I have not updated my This Is Me, or How I Blog pages, or the others, since I started.   Fairly certain some of that information needs to be amended by now.   And, be more appropriate to the new direction of the blog itself.  

What is new for you in 2015?

Next Week:   The last thing you took a picture of -- why did you capture this image?   Show your work!

Remember:  You find the month chat prompts HERE!

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