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Merry Christmas!

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Time out for Mom

Random Act of Kindness.  
We are doing them again this year!   
How do you spread Christmas cheer?

Kidding.  You know I could never be that short worded. Or is that winded?

This is an annual holiday tradition that I started with the children.  Grandma used to give them traditional Advent calendars; some really simple containing a single piece of chocolate each day, others expensive foot torture devices Lego pieces.

Each were met with equal enthusiasm.  sortish.
This year I decided to do away with the traditional 24 Day of Advent goodness, and instead do a 12 Days of Christmas Activity.    The day might contain a toy, a treat or an activity for the kids to enjoy; OR, it might contain a Random of Act of Kindness each child is to perform.  The idea is to teach them to be grateful for both; blessings and opportunity to BE a blessing.

I am thankful that the kids actually do enjoy doing these little acts of service.  And even more grateful that they get to see the BIG impact some of them have on unsuspecting neighbours first hand.   They even pick some of the acts to do, such as:

-   bring treats to the fire and police stations
-   donate old towels/blankets to the local pet shelter
-   food for the local food pantry
-  pay for some one's coffee
-  tape candy canes in random places about town
-   donate old toys/books

Now I just have to think up some fun treats and activities for us to do.   Some combine both the idea of giving and receiving:  we will be singing Christmas carols at the local Senior Retirement home and handing out home made Christmas ornaments with the Girl Guide groups.  In turn, the seniors will be making some tasty goodies and have hot chocolate for all the kids.   Win Win!!

Other things I might include:

-  #1 on the first day of Christmas:  Get the tree!! 
-  a day of skating
- Monkey Boy is missing a day of school to go see Star Wars with me and Left Brain
-  surprise Christmas "tea" for the girls with mom and grandma
-  when in doubt: candy!!
-  seeing the Christmas lights around town

This is the season of anticipation and preparation, and I love that an Advent calendar plays into both of those emotions.   But I definitely like it best when my children learn how to be in service to one another and their community best.

If you have any ideas to add to our calendar, share them in the comments!

Next Week:  Naughty or Nice.  I don't even know yet -- just have fun with this one.  It will be the last Coffee Chat of 2015:  I will return in the New Year.