Gratitude bestows reverence, allowing us to encounter everyday epiphanies, those transcendent moments of awe that change forever how we experience life and the world.
~ John Milton

Do you find some days you just feel.... "meh?"
Rather like you have a complete absence of feeling; instead of any deep emotion.
Or, your emotions are so over charged it's just FEELINGS!!!  all over the place.
I hate those kind of days.  I cannot pinpoint the problem -- why I am all out of sorts.

Those kind of days can just take you on a deep dive and continue on further South, no matter what you try to do to turn the tide.

I would like to seek a better balance.   A little more equilibrium.   A little less whiney oh woe is me.   Because that's usually what it comes down to:  I'm making it all about ME.

It's a great, big, wide world out there!  Good stuff happening every day!
But yeah, I am a messy, complicated human and I need reminders.  Still.

These OneGoodThing posts have been great to help me stay on track, and I love that I will have a digital record of all the good things that tend to sneek up on me when I was too busy to stop.  The ones I did stop and notice.   And even the ones, on those sort of days, I have to dig way down and pull them up by their roots.

I'm the creative sort of course.   I write in journals.
I even made my Girl Guide Sparks do Gratitude journals one week.
Guider:  guide thyself!!

Now... the perfect journal????
Enter a good friend; a good thing in a category unto itself.  

It's pocket size, so it fits in my purse easily.  I can take it anywhere.
Now you might think it's too small.  What can you write on one tiny page?   No pictures!!

Well, that is what I like about it.   I cut everything down to the simplest form.
What is special about this day?

 A hug from ZooZoo?
Flowers from Left Brain?
A rainbow during our holiday trip?

Simple.  Little nuggets of truth and beauty.   Maybe, unadorned even.
But it's all good.
And I carry it with me, wherever I go.

I think that may just be the secret to happy days.

  #OneGoodThing is the amazing idea of a weekly link up celebrating the beauty and good that we take the time to notice, hosted by Suzi from Boca Frau.   Myself and Claudia from ImagesbyCW will be joining her each week on Mondays.   I hope you will join us here each week, or daily on your Instagram/Twitter//Facebook with a photo, a poem, a story, an inspiring quote: whatever good you find in your day - we want to share it with you.

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