So, hi!
I know, I've been very irregular around here.
That sounded way wrong and I apologize.

Some of you may have noticed that I actually got around to visiting your blogs at some point this week, and I hope my comment love made sense.
Because there has been a lot of painting this week!

The rest of you: I will get there - I promise!
It's just, technology... you know?

Forever me trying to compute.

Why does it always take way more time to do stuff then you originally thought?
Like, you reviewers who say an App or computer program is "easy to use," or "user friendly;" who are you even?

Or, after moving your entire vacation photos to one folder so that you could make a slideshow with music, and discovering: Hey - Windows 10 doesn't come with Movie Maker anymore.  It's not even compatible.   HA!
Thanks Microsoft.  Super awesome of you to leave that detail out of the upgrade.

So, that was my Saturday Art plan.   Putting my groovy under the sea photos to some nice music.  But then... I have to do the Google.   Searching, and searching and more searching for a suitable program.   Free.
That last part is the tricky.

Never fear:  I have prevailed!

This took way more time than I have available due to other ongoing projects - more on that in a second -  still,  I hope you enjoy going Into The Sea with me once more.

And then you realize it would be super awesome if you read the fine print first and were not stuck with the watermark all over your video.

Me, forever not learning

The bigger point I guess is that I persevered, and I did it!
Especially since there are is a lot of creativity going on around here lately.

Sneak Peeks!
(If you follow my Facebook, you might have seen already)

Photo background?
Have I taken up painting suddenly?

Yes.  Sorta.

More on this in a future post.  Stay tuned!

Right now, I gotta go check on Left Brain's current Art project.

Aren't we the creative bunch? 

Well, sometimes reality gets in the way of your creative spirit for a season.
But then again, it's often good to step away and come back refreshed with new ideas too.

Let's hope so!

Saturday Art @ ImagesByCW