The artist's world is limitless. It can be found anywhere, 
far from where he lives or a few feet away. 
It is always on his doorstep. 

~ Paul Strand

Girl Guides is done until September.
My Volunteer service at our local Community Centre only has one more day in June before being closed for the summer.
My latest workout challenge has ended.  

And there's a moose on the loose in my town.

So what else is there to do, when you find yourself with some rare free time, a gorgeous sunny day, and a Facebook that updates the town on Missy the Moose's whereabouts hourly?

I'll tell you what, you stand in a marsh getting eaten by bugs, with the hot sun beating down on your back and the stench of the spring muck in your nostrils.... and no Missy to be found anywhere!

And it's totally worth it. 

Never fear though, with this new few extra hours per week; I have been Arting.    One of which, yes, is making up entirely new words. 

First things first though:  get reacquainted with Photoshop, Picasa, PicMonkey, filters and textures and Word Art, Oh My!   

The Goal?
To bring more Art into my everyday life.   
My ART, to be specific.    

Let's start with something simple.  Although sunsets are totally my aesthetic and therefore not simple at all.   In fact, a collage of various times I held the light within my grasp is quite fantastic!

 How about that background blog image that I love?    My shades of grey and lavender bathroom needs some Art!

When you see a blackbird singing on a country fence and you cannot get that song out of your head. 
Make it Art.

Not entirely happy with that edit just yet.... Art like life is often a work in progress. 

When you raise your eyes to the sky because maybe you cannot stand another minute of this bug infested marshland, despite it's amazing beauty of sight and sound, but oh dear lord where is that moose and then in the distance... 

If that majestic pose is not Art - I don't know what is.

I need that image as a powerful reminder of just how much Nature inspires the artist with me.    

Yes!  Once more into the wild dear friends!

That may not be the exact quote, but you get my meaning.   It's so easy to get busy with life and put aside the things you love - the things that make you feel Alive and Useful- for the ever pressing need of Things That Must Be Done!   And sometimes, those things need to be done.    You shift with the tide of life; but always returning to the shore where creativity was birthed.

My fingertips have known the god awful burn of a glue gun, the joy of holding hands in a circle of young smiling faces, the familiar pads of my keyboard as it clickety clacks in the night, the familiar weight of the my favourite pen bleeding on perfect lines, and the exact position of all my camera buttons. 

 These hands know work.   Tedious mind numbing daily chores that could suck all the Joy from your soul and mire it down in the Mundane.    But these hands also Create.   Turn mundane moments and spaces into something magical.    So I surround myself with the things that raise me up beyond the oppressing worldly notion of Daily Grind. 

Yes, things need doing.  Life presses in.  And on.  And all around.
What's the secret?

I'm no expert.  I'm just a regular country wife and mom who somehow got blessed with a bit of talent for words and taking snapshots of the beauty around her.    Little moments in time whose worth is probably only known to me.  

But this I do know.
It's probably better to find what it is you love and hold it tight.  Let it fill you completely and absorb into every fibre of your being so that it flows into every single space you closed off from the world; and forces that beauty to burst from every pore.   It's light pushing back any darkness that would creep and threaten.

If I had the choice between the stresses of this world killing me, or the things I love?
Yeah, I am gonna find what I love and Live That with every deep inhale of my core, until it kills me. 

With the amount of bug spray I plan on taking on the next moose hunt; that very well might happen.

But oh what an adventure it will be.  

Saturday Art @ ImagesByCW