Good day and top of the mornin' to ya - it be tea time!

Okay, so technically it's past 5 pm and I have wine, but we can still chat, right?
I'm tucked away in a cozy and lovely Bed and Breakfast enjoying a few days of R and R, while Left Brain wrangles the minions.

That was a shot I took last Fall when my mother and I enjoyed a lovely day of shopping and tea.   You can just see the coloured tiles of the Inn, surrounded by the gorgeous Autumn foliage.    Currently, I have the most incredible views of the river.... and about 1000 Canadian geese outside my windows.   And I am okay with both.    Yes, I did bring my camera... hope you like geese!!

There is also one magnificent raven in the tree, but I have not got a shot of him yet.   Thus I will have to go to my archives, because ravens are absolutely on topic today too.

Lucky you! 

“There is wisdom in a raven’s head.” – Gaelic Proverb

“To have a raven’s knowledge” is an Irish proverb meaning to have a seer’s supernatural powers.  The raven is considered to be one of the oldest and wisest of all animals.
Ravens were the favorite bird of the god Lludd, the Celtic god of artists and artisans.  He was said to have two ravens to attend to all of his needs (similar to Odin and his ravens).

Now naturally I do not imagine myself able to see into the future, or have any other supernatural powers.   Otherwise I would have known that there was no bath tub in this room.    A King size bed though, so that's good.   I do however, like the idea of the raven as messenger; my muse bringing my words to the reader.   In Norse mythology, the two raven of Odin were called Huginn (from Old Norse "thought") and Muninn (Old Norse "memory" or "mind"), I also rather like the notion of Thought and Memory being my guides. 

I wish my tattoo that was created using the raven's feather as a quill, and with a raven flying behind it was finished!   The appointment is still a couple of week's away -- but the artist did a great job and I cannot wait!

Time out for Mom

 Tuesday, March 14th, 2017

Where are your Lucky Charms?  
It's St. Patricks Day this week, whether you are Irish or not, 
do you have any special totems or symbols of your culture?

Even though I do have Irish in my ancestry, the days of celebrating St Paddy's day with green beer and very late nights has long since past.    Although I do not deny that there were good times. 

I find I am more in touch with those roots now, then when I used to take that day and simply party up a storm.... as any proud Irish would I suppose.   However, now I prefer to let other aspects of the culture take centre stage, and on a more daily basis.   The music.  The literature.  Art.  Food.   Although cannot quite bring myself to indulge in lamb or mutton just yet.  But I do love a good Irish stew or Shepherd's Pie!

It's something I try to bring into my world as a daily aesthetic.   And yes, I do wear symbols representing, such as earrings or the shamrock charm on a necklace that is often around my neck.   Today I happen to be wearing my Celtic Tree of Life pendant instead.

The Celtic tree of Life is often drawn showing the branches reaching skyward and the roots spreading out into the earth below symbolising the Druid belief in the link between heaven and earth.

Trees are very important to Celtic culture: they provide so much from the warmth of a fire, to shelter, to those that produce food.   Trees symbolized strength, wisdom and long life.  Of course, Trees have become very important in our own time of Global Warming as well.

I don't subscribe or wear these symbols due to any great superstition, or belief that they hold great power.   They simply have meaning, or at least a history, that I can respect and appreciate.   Some aspect of why they are ancient symbols, adopted by many cultures, speaks to me on a level I cannot quite identify: I just know it's there.

I guess it just affirms for me that we humans - no matter or differences - have always searched for great meaning in Life.   Which tells me that perhaps we haven't changed that much at all over the milleniums.

Although it does make me rather wonder why so many still haven't found what they are looking for??

However, the longevity of such charms, symbols and totems speaks to the enduring quality of the human spirit, that never gives up the quest.

Do you have any special totems that are meaningful in your life?

Next Week:  What is your favourite indulgence?