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So we continue on in our complicated, complex love/hate relationship with technology.
You will notice the obvious, I can blog!   Also, I do have my commenting system returned to me.   However, it has come to my attention that some of you may not be able to leave an actual comment.

The fields are there, but all is dead.
Kinda like our frozen backyard that we pay year round taxes on but only use 4 months of the year.

The problem I've been told is due to "secured sites" protocol of https; which you will note, my blog is not secured as such.  Because I am not here for your bank digits amiright?   I just want to share words and photos and feelings.

I did do the switch to secure, and then PRESTO - comment system disappeared.

So if you cannot comment today, well... I've just realized that you cannot leave a comment to tell me you cannot comment.
Bloody hell.
Feel free to drop me a line at the email icon in the header.   Although I've also been told it may not work either.
Seriously Satan, not today.

I miss my blog peeps!!

Time out for Mom

 Tuesday, March 7th, 2017

 Someone you miss?

We awoke to another Monday Snow Day today.    Except our snow days have been of the freezing rain variety this Winter.    So I had all the Minions up in my space today.   Since I've started not one, but two other fan fiction stories, I basically just let them do their thing all day.
Because Mondays are hard y'all.

They all are old enough to pretty much come and go from the kitchen when they are hungry and on days like this we keep a pretty relaxed schedule.  Eat when you are hungry.  Bring mommy a coffee.

Except for ZooZoo at age seven.   I mean, she CAN.   But you don't want to see the kitchen after she is finished.   It's just a lot of work and there always seems to be peanut butter, even when she has not eaten peanut butter.

Today she requested a cut up apple, and I have to say, I heartily agreed it sounded delicious.   As I was standing at the counter slicing away with my big kitchen knife, she stood beside me eyes wide in amazement.

"Mommy careful, that knife is big.  How do you not cut your fingers?"

Oh hello Deja Vu.

You see I can remember standing at another kitchen counter many moons ago watching as my grandma easily peeled apples in one long perfect strip, before cutting them up for her home made apple pie.   She would stand at the sink and peel and cut dozens of apples.  Because with all us cousins up in her space, there was never just ONE pie to bake.

You know to this day, I still cannot peel the apple in one long strip like Grandma could?
And I still cannot bake an apple pie like her either.
And I'm okay with both.  I rather like still holding onto that wide eyed amazement view of her that she could do such extraordinary things.

Just as I had asked years ago, ZooZoo wanted to help too.   I used to have a child safety knife that would have allowed her to do so, but we lost it in the terrible pumpkin carving disaster of 2015.    ZooZoo wasn't too upset though.  She just shrugged her shoulders and leaned slightly against me; content to watch me as I worked.

I admit I was kinda hoping I seemed extraordinary in her eyes.

My grandma is passed by several years now, and as I stand there thinking about the apple pie I have in the freezer, I wonder if she knew that we thought her extraordinary?  For all the many simple things she did, as well as the things that amazed us.   That home made apple pie warm from the oven was more than just a tasty dessert?   There was more than love baked inside, but also the many years of child and adult standing side by side, creating something simple - yet extraordinary.   Memories forged and repeated on down the line during lazy rainy days when your mind is wrapped up in problems that don't mean a lick of worth when measured against these little moments in time.

I hope Grandma knows how much she is still missed.
That I strive to follow her example of simple and honest pursuits, though the world is often blind to their meaning.   Today we will have warm apple pie and forget the troubles that hold us back from living and loving in this space.

*Heavy sigh*
Yes, I do miss the days of yesteryear.  When my biggest worry was if I'd ever peel an apple, or bake bread, or somehow manage not lose any of the dozen or children running around a 400 acre farm, just like grandma.  How did she manage it all?   And still smile?

Ah, but I think that is indeed the key.
She smiled through it all.
The only thing I miss more than fresh apple pie, is seeing Grandma's smile.

Are you missing someone today?

Next Week:  Where are your Lucky Charms?  It's St. Patricks Day this week, whether you are Irish or not, do you have any special totems or symbols of your culture?