Happy Friday!!

I have been so remiss of late.  Neglecting this poor little blog and all of my favourite bloggers.  I can only beg forgiveness as there is no real excuse.  Perhaps blogging is becoming a bit stale for me at this point.  A platform I have outgrown as the stories in my head become too large for the space they are held within.  I did assure you that I have been writing up a storm.   My two current stories have grown to over 30,000 words - EACH.

That's over 60,000 words in the just under two months since I started writing them!  Unfortunately that has also seemed to cause my brain to be less interesting regarding leaving comments on blog posts.  It's like I've forgotten how to write only one or two sentences.   So, I probably have read your posts, but not left a comment lately.   You would probably be grateful about that, given the state of my mind.

However, I am finding that once you get into the habit of writing - even the often boring and rigorous task of editing, it becomes easier and easier.  I am actually beginning to feel as though writing an original story is possible.  There are so many ideas rolling around in my head, and I cannot seem to focus on which one I should cultivate.   They all seem to be missing that extra little something that peaks my interest and sparks the inspiration necessary for completion.

And I worry if I cannot commit to writing them, then it is unlikely anyone will want to read them.   Although, I do return to sunset beaches where I last left Mike and Callie quite often.  Fragments of their story come infrequently, but I still write it all down.  One day all the pieces of that puzzle might fall into place.

In my fiction based upon the TV Drama Taboo, I have been teasing my readers regarding the main character James Delaney and the woman he has taken sailing with him, Lorna Bow.  I think I have received daily messages about when they will finally realize their feelings and get together.  I've kept a very slow burn chapter to chapter; the circle of trust and intimacy weaving ever tighter about these two.  Then in a recent chapter, I finally took mercy and rewarded their patience.   It definitely helps to have some knowledge about the first season of the show, but if you just like good old fashioned romance...

A snippet:

Uncertain as to his mood, she waited for him to expand upon his thoughts.  Hesitant to close the space between them as the idea of the night leading in a direction they might regret on the morrow flirted about the edges of her mind.  But as she stood there, that invisible thread pulled taut, and with the heat in his gaze it was impossible for her to feign indifference. Emotions swirled about the small room and anticipation settled like dust upon their skin. Tonight there would be no sweeping it away.   His booted steps a drum beat in time with the hammering of her heart as he crossed the distance between them and stood before her, his gaze never wavering.  Leaning close, he took one hand in his own; felt her pulse quicken under his thumb as it lightly traced the inside of her wrist.  Eyes dipping briefly to the rise of her chest when her breath caught, then lifting to discover the searching and wanting within her own.  His fingers wrapped around her slender ones as he stepped closer, pressing his forehead to hers and squeezed his eyes shut tight.   Willing his mind to remain quiet and still, while he felt the tremble course through her body. 

Her hands traveled the length of his arms and came to rest on either side of his head, holding him fast.  One hand pressed upon his cheek, a finger briefly touching the scar below his eye.   A shallow breath.  Slanting his head to the side, he saw it in her eyes.   That this heat was always coming; casting its light through the vapours of his mind.   She had stroked her own sacred spells upon him; igniting the flames that danced above his numbness.  Now the moment had arrived, tender and fervent, and he had never felt more locked in the present.  His lips trailed across the curve of her cheek, savouring the moment before crossing this hallowed bridge between them.  His thoughts tumbling as he searched for words, contrasted with the stillness of his heart and the potency of their gaze.  If the eyes were the windows to the soul, then the lips were the same for the body.   This urge to feel hers no longer a passing thing.  This seed of love had always been written in their gaze. 

“Tell me one thing that is not just a matter of time.”

Lorna’s lips parted and the barest whisper of his name almost slipped between them when his mouth claimed hers and stole the words before she could speak them.  Her entire body flushed with heat.  Liquid warmth traveling through her veins as his mouth slanted across her own.  Slowly and softly ghosting upon her lips, keeping the fireworks from bursting out of control.

A kiss is but a prologue to a play.
It’s a beginning, and a promise of more to come and somehow deeper than anything he’s ever felt.  This wave of warmth that spreads and invades every cell in his body.  Spilling from his heart and coiling in every corner until he is saturated in the taste and feel of her.  His hands tangled in her hair, pressing lightly into the back of her head, deepening the kiss. Every sense flooded with the feel of her lips opening up and responding to him in full measure.   Pulling back to search her gaze, the sounds of yelling from above reached them, but they tuned out the world and turned back to one another.

A smoldering heat grew as he deepened the kiss, capturing her mouth this time with no teasing play but a fiery takeover that finally ignited the sparks to bursting.   James yanked her into his arms, his mouth greedily devouring her own, swallowing a moan while her hands clutched his short hair, tugging him closer.  Pressing her back against the door, while she arched fully into him, and his hands traveled up her spine coaxing more shivers.  Lorna savoured the flavor of the rum on his tongue and drank deeply of all he gave. The kiss all raw intensity and rapid pulses, James crushing her so close there’s no air in her lungs. Instead she breathed him in and the world above fell away.

Is it getting hot in here, or is it just me?
Maybe a good time to use another part of our brain, yes?  😏

The Friendly Fill-Ins are four fun and easy statements to complete. Each Thursday, Ellen of 15andmeowing provides the first two statements and I offer the last two statements. We hope the fill-ins will be fun for you to answer and share. On Friday, the linky will be posted at or about 12:00 AM (CST). Please come back to link up and share your thoughts. Everyone is welcome!

Here are this week's statements with the fill-in blanks:

Week 48: April 7, 2017

1.    I don't understand why - going to agree with our host here, Video Games  are (is) so popular.   I mean, I don't mind playing a game every now and then, but literally everyone else in this family can spend hours inside the gaming world.   
Now, I suppose since I can spend hours inside the world of the characters in my head, that might seen hypocritical.   However... I don't tend to throw my laptop across the room, or be rude to another, or whine incessantly when my characters don't act the way I want them.  

Although, I will concede that it is probably not wise to interrupt me  in the middle of a really good stream of wrangled words.  

2.    My in-case-of-emergency person is the Left Brain'd one.  However given his occupation and the likelihood of him not being available, my second is still my mom.

3.    There is so much  negativity!!   I cannot handle it.  I just don't want my world saturated in those feelings.   Whether it comes in the form of pessimism, indifference, intolerance, or just plan loss of hope; I choose to cling to something better.  
I've been making Moodboards lately with my photography.   They are lovely little photo reminders of all the good things in life.   Just pick a theme, and create!   I'll show mine in a future WW post.  
4.   I would be lost without   laughter, love and life.    Three things you should always do with complete abandon!

I think it's safe to say that I will continue to post once or twice a week, until my current stories are completed.   Then someone remind me NEVER to try and do TWO at the same time again.   I am not ready, or even willing to quit at this point, but perhaps a change in direction is on the horizon.   In the meantime, the creating never ends - whether words or  images, it all flows eventually.