Good Morning and welcome to Coffee Chat!

You notice I've got my Ice Coffee photo this week.
There's a reason for that.
We got snow y'all.   SNOW.
Like actual flakes came floating down.  I had to turn the windshield wipers on while driving the kids to school.
Because I said um no to a snow day IN FREAKIN MAY!

It's like being caught in a strange new world.  A world where people believe that Climate Change is a Real Thing.  Because I've Got SnowFlakes In May.
 One day we have flood warnings, the next day you wake up and then neighbour kids made a small snowman in the very yard that was flooded 24 hours earlier.
So.  Bizarre.

I can remember going to my aunts cottage for my birthday when I was younger.   I assume since we were at the cottage, we must have swam in the lake.  In May.
I wouldn't dip a toe in the lake today, I assure you.

Well, not to worry about it because I will be busy at Girl Guide Camp on my birthday this weekend.   Also, Mother's Day!
Those of you who are frequent fliers here, know that is the exact same way I spent my birthday last year!
Minus the snowflakes.

So, yeah me!
I'm getting 17 girls aged five to seven for 36 hours in a cabin in the middle of the woods for my birthday.   And then for Mother's Day,  I get to clean that cabin after they've all left to go home to their mommies.

 *groans inwardly for a hundred years*

Time out for Mom

Tuesday, May 9th, 2017

It's my birthday and Mother's Day soon... 
what should I do?

Well, I've told you what I WILL be doing?   And yes, I do hope that you are playing tiny violins for me, because to lose both special days, two years in a row, is quite frankly - sucky!

So, if you were the Birthday Wish Granting Genie;  what alternate plan would you dream up for me.   Or yourself.    The more the merrier, right?   
As long as you are older than 7 years of age.  :)

Angel Girl felt bad that they would not see me all weekend and miss saying Happy Birthday or Happy Mother's Day.   I will see them on Sunday night - hopefully late afternoon if Mr. Clean is on my side; but as she said "but it's all over by then mommy."
So she wrote a very nice little story for me.   She's seen me writing a lot over the past couple of months (I finished a story this weekend!!!  Yay!!) and wanted to bond with me over words. 
Yes, she is my favourite now.  ;)

So here's her little spot of cheer, created just for me.   And because she is Angel Girl, she wanted to share it with all of you too.


"Yay," hollered Fluffy.  
 "First day of hamster school," shouted Nibbles.

It was Monday, the first day of hamster school.   Fluffy and Nibbles are very excited! 

"I can't wait to meet everyone," yelled Fluffy. 
 "I hope they are nice little hamsters," added Nibbles. 
 "Me too," agreed Fluffy.

When they got to school, they saw lots of little and big hamsters running around and playing!

"This is going to be better than I thought it was!"   Fluffy yelled, running through a plastic tube.   When the bell rang, Fluffy, Nibbles and everyone else went inside.  

"Hello there little hamsters, I am your teacher, Mrs. Ham," said the teacher.

They learned how to spell, how to write, how to read, and how to add and subtract.   When the bell rang again for recess, everyone went outside.  Fluffy and Nibbles talked and talked about what they had learned

"I learned how to write fast," said Fluffy.
 "I learned how to read fast," said Nibbles. 

When it was time for gym, they lined up at the door to leave the classroom.  They had to run three laps of the gym!  Then they played tag.  By the time it was last recess, they said "school was the best!"   They spent the rest of recess running around and playing.  When recess ended they were still playing tag, but it was time to go inside for math. 

"I love math," said Fluffy. 
 "Me too," replied Nibbles.

"Okay hamsters, here are your math sheets, now get to work," said Mrs. Ham.  

"Fluffy... what did you get?" asked Nibbles.
"Ten out of ten!" replied Fluffy.
"Me too!" hollered Nibbles. 

Fluffy, Nibbles and their class were outside waiting for the last bell to ring.

"Fluffy's it!!"  yelled Nibbles.

Them and ten other hamsters were playing tag.  When they finished that they went to the tunnel tubes and ran through a bunch of times.  When the bell rang, Fluffy said, "That was fun!"
"Agreed!" replied Nibbles. 

That was the end of the very best day ever!

I freaking LOVE her imagination.  
And of course no story is complete without a handdrawn personal illustration.  
Which is on her wall, so you will just have to trust me on that point.

So, moral of the story??
Screw you snow; I don't care about the cold weather in May...  I got the warm fuzzies now!

There's simply nothing better than a gift from a warm and loving, pure heart to brighten your day.

But you know, I also accept coffee, chocolate and wine.  :)

NEXT WEEK:  I'm not jealous!   What gets you turning green?