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Latest Review is Plan Bea by Hilary Grossman

"Like Mother, Like Daughter." As, a daughter, your opinion and emotions regarding that phrase, are no doubt very much influenced by your own relationship with your mother. When we first start reading Plan Bea, I think it is safe to say that Annabel will not have that phrase embroidered on a pillow in her home. And then we meet Bea. She's hard to love. Heck, she's hard to like, and all of Annabel's feelings certainly seem justified. So, why does she agree to help the mother who was never there for her? This is the first step of a funny, emotional and difficult journey. And you'd better hang on as you are taken on the roller coaster ride with mother and daughter.. And oh! Watch out for that turn. I bet you won't see it coming. What I loved most about this book was the characters, and how the relationship unfolds. Grossman has created a very likable cast of characters that always feel very genuine in their interactions. The reader becomes very invested in the lives of this embattled and embittered mother and daughter; but ultimately seeks a favourable resolution, as we definitely can see a little bit of ourselves in both. I was actually rooting for Bea by the end of the novel! And that's a sign of a great writer and developed characters; when even the "bad girl" elicits your empathy. Grossman does a great job of keeping the relationship between Annabel and Bea as the real heart and emotional current for the story. As the story unfolds; twists included, secrets revealed, pasts over-turned; the author always brings you back to these women. Even as they draw closer to one another. As the story conclusion drew closer, I began to feel like these characters were actual friends of mine, that I just couldn't stand to see so far apart from one another any longer. I was fervently praying for a happy ending.

The relationships really are the cornerstone and emotional payoff in this book. Whether its friend to friend, wife to husband, mother to daughter; each one feels very genuine. You will enjoy getting to know each character, and by the end wish you actually did know such characters. And if you should discover that you are so blessed to have such wonderful people close to you, you'll be reminded to hold them close and treasure that blessing.

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