Here's the cast of characters here at Time out For Mom.

And I do mean "character."  Trust.

First we have the eldest, Monkey Boy, who at the time of creating this page is just 2 weeks shy of turning 8 years old. 

He's a typical boy.

He's noisy.   He's dirty.  He climbs things. 
Actually - Everything!

He knows far too much about Star Wars for a boy his age.

He owns far too much Lego for a boy his age.
And sometimes, I think he's trying to kill me with it.

He can play Wii sports better than his mom.
Actually, he can play anything better than his mom on the Wii.

Except Yoga - I totally own him there!  Ha.
Don't get cocky kiddo!

He wants to be a cop when he grows up - like his dad.
Ahh, he is really sweet like that.

Or Elijah Wood - cuz, you know he's FRODO!

And Mumble.

And Beck from Tron Uprising.

And a DJ!!

And he once saved the world from a comet with his pet dolphin; or something like that.   Anyway, Monkey Boy thinks Mr Wood has just about the coolest job - EVAH!

And one day, he is really hoping his mama will let him watch Wilfred.
(not a chance kiddo.  but nice try.)

The thing about Monkey Boy, is that despite all this typical male macho stuff.....he's unfailingly kind.  He greets his best friend with the biggest hug.   He has to kiss and hug everyone good-bye when he leaves for school.   Or when anyone leaves the house.     And it's kinda like having a dog when you come home; because he's gonna come running and greet you proper.   I love that about him.

He looks and acts so much like his dad, but sometimes....if I look real close....I see a little bit of his mama in there:

can't imagine who taught him that!

Next we have the "middle":   Angel Girl.  
Another term I use loosely.  *side eye*

Oh do I remember that day!

Angel Girl is 5 years old.   Also, if you think you got some love and a big hug from her older brother; watch out!   She'll take you out.   Don't resist either, it's pointless.   She'll just hold on tighter.   You.Are.Getting.A.Hug.   Just accept it and it will be over quick.  Sorta.

Angel Girl is all the typical girliness; just as her big brother is typical boy.   It's Barbie and Ponies and Strawberry Shortcake OH MY!    If you ask her - glitter is totally a colour!   Recently though we have been seeing some tomboyishness emerge.  Not sure if she's just trying to keep up with Big Brother and it's just a phase.   Since she was picking flowers on the soccer field and wanted a wardrobe change at half time:  I'm thinking the inner Diva will eventually win.

She's sweetness and sass all rolled into one tall, skinny package.  Seriously, 5 years old and she's already all leg.    I fear the teen years and when dating begins.  Although Left Brain insists any guy who can tolerate her constant chatter until 10 pm:  can keep her out until 11 pm.

Something tells me it won't be so easy to let my pretty lil Angel go.

posing fiercely

Next we have the littlest "Who" in Timeoutville: affectionately known as Zoo Zoo.   She's our precious little miracle - the one we didn't know we wanted so bad:  and almost lost.  God surely had His hands on her and knew our lives wouldn't be truly complete until she arrived.

At almost 3 years old, it's hard to say just which of her siblings she takes after the most.   She'll play Barbies, she'll play trains.   She'll watch Dora, or she'll cheer Monkey Boy on while he plays Wii games like Star Wars, Pokemon and Harry Potter (who by the way, she has already declared as "so so cute".)    She definitely takes after her mama in the looks department; my "Mini-Me" for sure.   But for now she seems to be a blend of all of us.   Which in a strange kind of way makes her totally unique.
And also the one that keeps us in stitches generally.   She may be the smallest, but she's definitely got the biggest character.   You would not believe the things this child gets up to on a daily basis!

window cleaning

Sometimes, she even catches herself surprised and is all, like, Whoa - dude!:

Which brings us now to my other half.    The better half, as they say. 
Well, I'll agree with the "half" part...but I tend to think things a bit differently.
Meet Left Brain.

I don't know; is it good to be King - when you're married to the Queen Bee me?   Not likely.   Certainly not all the time.    But he seems to handle it just fine.   Partly due to his uncanny marital ESP that has him deliver a Large Tim's Double Double Just.In.Time.   Or finds that elusive bottle of strawberry wine I love.   Or buys me a whole new computer system so I can start blogging. 
Yea, he's pretty awesome.

Don't get me wrong.....I totally want to kill him somedays.    I say that lovingly.   Those of you married long enough will get that.   We sure have our differences (80's music, seriously hon?), but just enough to make it interesting.    Despite how much his job must keep him away, and often at the very worst of times (what do you mean you are working the day of my scheduled C Section!!?  Imma gonna call somebody!), he still comes home and does his fair share of home and child duty.    The greatest thing I can say beyond the fact that he must obviously love me to still be here after 8 years of child-rearing that's like setting off a bomb in your marriage:   he lets me be Me.

That's a gift folks.  A real gift.
And I'll love him forever for that. 

There you go.   The little, lovely ensemble that makes my life complete.